2021 by ADA University.

This book is being published on the first anniversary of the end of the Second Karabakh War. During this war, which lasted 44 days, Azerbaijan liberated Karabakh: a teritory that more or less encompasses the former Soviet-era Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast and its seven surrounding regions. This - achieved through a combination military and diplomatic success - brought to a definite end an occupation that had unequivocally violated the Azerbaijani constitution and directly contravened international law. One could thus conclude that as a direct result of the war's outcome, de jure and de facto realities have again achieved congruence after having been in opposition for nearly three decade. 

This book is also not strictly speaking academic in that its contributors sometimes seem to follow a view first artuiculated by Xenophon, famous in some circles as the author of Hellenica - which begins with a claim of continuity with Thucydides' masterwork - that "it is noble, just, pious, and more pleasant to recall the good things more than the bad".